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Miss Ann Marie, an actress

Miss Ann Marie wants to be an actress.

She currently works full time for the Enfield Council as support worker.

Ms Ann Marie was born in London at the Central Middlesex Hospital on 23rd November 1985, to Ruel and Jasmin Ann Marie . Jasmin Ann Marie currently lives in Hanwell and Ruel.  

Ms Ann Marie is the youngest of 5 children from her parents. She has three brothers and a twin sister who passed away at birth. Ms Ann Marie has 2 half-sisters and seven step siblings.

Ms Ann Marie’s is clear that all the siblings consider themselves to be part of a large family and do not refer to each other to half or step siblings. 

When Ms Ann Marie was 6 months old she was taken to Jamaica to live with her maternal aunt.

Some of Ms Ann Marie’s siblings were already there and her aunt had children also.

Ms Ann Marie stated that it was a very busy household, but they were happy and settled with the extended family. 

Ms Ann Marie’s stated that she was sent to Jamaica because her parents were trying to raise a family and work at the same time.

They did not have the accommodation in London and the family needed more space.

Ms Ann Marie’s parents took the decision to move the children to Jamaica until such time as they were in a good financial position 

to bring them back. The children's parents visited them in Jamaica once a year. 

One of Ms Ann Marie’s earliest memories was of her aunt doing her hair and dressing her in her Sunday clothes and wondering where she was going.

She asked her aunt who was the foreign lady in the pretty dress?

Her aunt told her it was her mother and Ms Ann Marie’s thinks she was five years old.

Ms Ann Marie’s saw her aunt as a grandmother figure who was responsible for teaching Ms Ann Marie’s about life, and how to be good with her hands, and to always be resourceful.

Ms Ann Marie also stated that her aunt brought them up to be respectful and good to others and to always take care of the family. 

Ms Ann Marie’s aunt saw her as the 'little one' and therefore Ms Ann Marie’s was the spoilt one and got away with behaviours that the others would have been disciplined for. When she was disciplined, Ms Ann Marie’s stated that she would get 'a slap' or a 'telling off, but this was not very often. 

Ms Ann Marie returned to the UK when she was 10 years old to her parents.

Some of her older siblings had already returned and by the time Ms Ann Marie came back, some of them has already left home and gone to live independently. She initially moved to Kensal Rise, which was where her parents were living.

The family then moved to Wembley, where they settled and remained for most of Ms Ann Marie’s younger life.

She found the move back to the UK difficult and had to adjust to a different way of life and a very different climate. 

Ms Ann Marie was educated privately by a tutor throughout her secondary education. 

Her siblings were all educated differently with some going to state schools and another attending boarding school. 

Ms Ann Marie describes her childhood as a happy one. Both parents worked, Dad as an engineer for British Gas and her mother was a nurse who often worked nights.When Ms Ann Marie was 16 years old she learned that she had a twin sister who died shortly after birth.

Ms Ann Marie’s stated that she had always felt that part of her was missing and has struggled to come to terms with this information since. 

Growing up the Ms Ann Marie’s remembers her parents arranging family time and family meals so that everyone was together at the same time.

They would eat, drink, talk and discuss any issues that were arising as a family. 

Ms Jeffries remembers her childhood with fond memories of days out, travelling and doing fun things as a family.

Each of the children was educated according to their needs and their parents did their best for all the children. 

Ms Ann Marie met Andre's father when she was young and they began a relationship together.

Ms Ann Marie was 15 years old when she gave birth to her son Andre and the relationship with his father ended soon after.

Ms Ann Marie discovered he was being unfaithful to her.

In the early stages Mr Phillips and Ms Ann Marie shared the parenting of Andre and took it in turns to care for him.

This all changed when Mr Phillips decided to apply for custody of Andre. Custody was awarded to Ms Ann Marie and Mr Phillips then spent a number of years in prison and was not released until Andre was 16 years old.

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